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European Leadership University Becomes the Newest Member of European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE)

European Leadership University solidifies its position in the European Higher Education Area with new membership of EURASHE.

European Leadership University has officially become a member of the European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE). EURASHE is a network of universities, university colleges, and other associations of higher education institutions in 40 countries. EURASHE  focuses on institutions with professionally oriented programmes, as well as those engaged in applied or profession-related research.

The membership gives universities and other institutions direct representation towards policy-makers, as EURASHE defends the interests of the members on regional and national levels. Members come together in working groups and EURASHE events to further promote and innovate professional education.

With its competency-based education model, European Leadership University strives towards the employability of its students. Offering programmes in the most on-demand professions like Data Science and Cyber Security, the university has the aim of bridging the skills gap in the Netherlands by connecting job-ready talent with companies and organizations facing a skills shortage.

In addition to EURASHE, European Leadership University is a member of Data Science Foundation, Amsterdam Economic Board’s Network Council and founding member of TechConnect. European Leadership University is the fourth university in the Netherlands to join the EURASHE network.