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Looking to Switch Careers? Data Science is Booming

The field is growing rapidly, and not just in Silicon Valley. The number of data science jobs on the East Coast increased 273 percent in 2019, compared to 174 percent on the West Coast.

Worried a robot may take your job in the future? Looking for a lucrative new career path with lots of opportunities? Consider getting into data science.

New figures from recruitment firm Harnham indicate that the field is booming—and not just in Silicon Valley. In fact, the number of data science job openings on the East Coast increased 273 percent during the first six months of 2019, compared to the same period last year. On the West Coast, data science jobs have increased 174 percent this year.

“Whilst Silicon Valley may be known for coining the term ‘Data Science,’ we’re seeing huge growth across the country, particularly in New York and Boston,” Harnham Senior VP and Partner Sam Jones said in a statement. “The Data and Analytics market is showing no signs of slowing and a lack of high level candidates means there are huge opportunities for those working in this space.”

Other data and analytics fields have also seen “major growth” this year, the company said. Data engineering job openings increased 252 percent on the East Coast and 150 percent on the West Coast. Nationwide, all data and analytics roles have increased by 150 percent.

According to job and recruiting site Glassdoor, data scientist is, for the fourth consecutive year, the number-one job in America for 2019. It offers a median base salary of $108,000 and a job satisfaction rating of 4.3 out of 5. There were some 6,510 active job openings in the US as of January 2.

Written bAngela Moscaritolo. Originally posted on PCMag